Chris Wilcynski, LMFT

I am a Licensed Child, Couple, and Family Therapist, working in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  I work with adolescents, adults, families, and couples.  Therapy to me is a process of discovery and rediscovery, of reworking patterns of behavior, or beginning to change thoughts or beliefs that are no longer relevant or useful for our current self and current life. It’s engaging thoughtfully in your life, taking an active role in your relationship with yourself and others, and fostering the type of self and change that you desire. My role in your process lies around engaging in thoughtful discovery, working through challenges and resistance that comes inherently with the onset of change. As our lives evolve, we inevitably come into times of conflict and challenge, whether that be mental, emotional, physical, or relational.  My own belief is that we hold the ability, strength, and power to move successfully through life. My therapeutic beliefs provide a framework to guide our work together.  I work with individuals and families of all ages.

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